Barbi the Minish

Barbi is a minish drawn towards heroic humans, and has made a small house near Hyrule Castle, though she spends most of her time traveling around.

She wears white-lavender petal-like clothing, with yellow string holding the top together, and a few of the front petals close, a red hat, and some green grass around her arms, with a dark brown backpack.

Her skin is alike to any other minish, she has longer, but still short, dark brown hair, and her main tail color is a creamish one, the end being lavender.

She believes that heroic humans deserve a reward once and awhile, so she drops rupees in their paths, maybe even more than a while, if only her backpack could hold more than two-to-one rupees.

Her house, as previously mentioned, is near Hyrule Castle, she lives there because of the guards there, they both drop a lot of rupees most of the time, and it's easy to gather them when visiting home, and they are, of course, putting their lives up as a shield to the royal family. The house is a small ring of mushrooms, plants, and flowers, with a small leaf hut in the middle, it is unusually clean and dry, despite it being usually uninhabited.